All the cool people are talking about the Hypori vPhone. Do you want one too? No problem! Learn more about the vPhone and apply below. We have limited availability so we'll do our best to get you one as soon as possible.

vPhone is a virtual smartphone that provides you with all the benefits of a dedicated corporate smartphone without the hassle of juggling two devices or putting corporate spyware on your personal device. Seamlessly connect to a virtual business smartphone - a vPhone - running in the cloud that has all your corporate apps on it. Moving back to personal mode is as simple as switching in and out of the vPhone app. It's like having two phones on one device, but better. When you leave the vPhone app, no corporate data or apps are left on your personal phone and no monitoring software is tracking what you do.

This free trial will let you experience a vPhone for real so you can see how easy enterprise mobility can be. Sign up below to get your free 30-day trial of a vPhone by Hypori. Have questions? Visit our FAQ.

Hypori vPhone Benefits


Because the vPhone resides in the cloud, there is no need for corporate spyware on your device. You can securely use vPhone without your organization tracking your location, your personal apps, or what you do on your personal phone.


Use the apps that you want to use and don’t settle for the limited set of "secure" apps that IT has been pushing. With the vPhone, there is no need for complex app wrapping or other modifications by IT, which is often an excuse for not allowing you to use the apps you want.


Walk around with just one phone for both your personal and work needs. You don't have to carry around two devices anymore.

Device Choice

Choose the device that you want for getting corporate access. With the vPhone, you don't have to have a device that conforms to IT policy.

Cost Savings

Your company can get you a dedicated vPhone at a fraction of the cost of a corporate phone. As a bonus, the vPhone measures how much cellular data you use for work so you can get reimbursed properly.

Applications Closed.

Thank you for your interest, but we are no longer running a free promotion for vPhones. If you are interested in trying out a Hypori vPhone, please reach out to